Who Is The Longest Reigning Monarch?

Whilst Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth is currently the longest serving living monarch, she sits at 39th in the all-time list with just 66 years on the throne.

Pharoah Pepi II of the Sixth Dynasty is said to have ruled Egypt’s Old Kingdom for 94 years from 2278 BC, but this cannot be verified so the longest reign on record belongs to King Sobhuza II of Swaziland with 82 years and 254 days (1899 – 1982).

When Sobhuza was just four months old, his father died during the summer solstice incwala dance ritual. He was made King thereafter but his grandmother Labotsibeni and uncle Prince Malunge led the country for him until he was ready to take full control in 1921.

Sobhuza devoted much of his reign to gaining independence from the United Kingdom and finally, in opposition to a new constitution proposed by the British government, he created the Imbokodvo National Movement which won all seats at the 1967 elections. Swaziland was granted direct rule in 1968.